I Had a Dream

I had a dream. Not a daydream or a Martin Luther King Jr. kind of idea but an actual dream in the night. This was not just any dream; it was a dream with significance. And through some bizarre details, God provided a vivid lesson about my identity and purpose.

As part of a wedding party I was asked to ride a horse through the halls of a church and into the sanctuary. I knew it was what the bride wanted, so I overlooked my discomfort and accepted the request.

Throughout the ceremony the horse was feisty and independent; its size seemed massive beneath me. I was having trouble controlling the animal, so I frequently dismounted and led it on foot. Down the halls were couches where onlookers stared ruthlessly. Helplessness filled my mind as the spectators watched but never offered assistance. On the contrary, there were times when the horse seemed complacent, almost timid. It seemed to happen most when we were in the shadowy areas of the halls. And then it occurred to me, my valiant horse could not see in the dark.

When we approached the door to the sanctuary I caught a glimpse of the grandiose bridal party that preceded me. The altar and surrounding décor carried the extravagance of a cathedral, and at that moment I knew I needed help. I left the unruly beast for a moment and when I came back it was curled up on one of couches. I was infuriated and blurted, “What are you doing? We have to get in there!”

And then I woke up. And the Lord gave me direction on what these seemingly random details meant.

To dream about riding a horse suggests a position of power, but it’s only significant when the rider is on the horse. To just dream about a horse or to be walking next to it does not give it the same meaning.

A wedding is often representative of the Bride of Christ or a body of believers, and participation in the ceremony is a very important role—one of great honor.

This is where the details become a clear message—one I knew would be meaningful for my life.

Instead of riding the horse and being confident in the place I was positioned, I continually got off and walked alongside. It was vital to the bride and the completion of the wedding that I ride the horse into the sanctuary.

God has given me an important role, but complacency and fear have been in my way. I was complacent because I was fearful of the power and unpredictability of the call on my life and didn’t have a clear picture of my identity or purpose.

As a result of this dream, I am choosing to ride. I’m choosing to get off the couch of complacency. I’m choosing not to fear, and I’m choosing to seek out my true identity. I’m choosing to see the importance of my role, and I’m choosing to bring my gifts to the Bride.

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