God’s Goodness ~ His Bounty

Vasona Lake, Los Gatos CA

In the midst of the winter months when things are still and dormant, it might seem strange to focus on bounty. But actually, it’s in this season that we can hope—that we can look to the promise of what’s to come.

Hope means a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. I wonder, if seasons were continually fruitful, would we lose the vision of what’s ahead? Would we lose hope?

As I go deeper in Christ, I realize the way God sees things is often not the way I see them. My focus can be clouded, my perspective off. Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.”

One morning while reflecting on this, I stumbled upon a song written by Jonathan Helser that describes the disparity so well.

I see a mountain, you see a miracle
I see a wasteland, you see a garden
I see dry bones, you see an army
I see impossible, you see everything

I see a seed, you see a harvest
I see the water, you see the wine
I see the broken, you see your body
I see my enemy, you see your footstool

You are I AM, but I’ve been so blind all this time
My God, touch me, I want to see the way that you see

I see my sins, you see your blood
I see a baby, you see a savior
I see my failures, you see redemption

I see a beggar, you see a son

I see my Father, you see your son
I see my shepherd, you see your lamb
I see my Savior, you see your joy
I see your eyes staring at mine

Looking through the lens of Christ, we can see beyond the difficulties, the failures, the sorrow. Oh, how we could see, if only we asked.

In weakness, we could find strength. In humility, we could find power. In the winter season, we could find God’s goodness—His bounty.

One reply to “God’s Goodness ~ His Bounty

  1. BEAUTIFUL! So well articulated. What a powerful thing to ponder “if seasons were continually fruitful, would we lose the vision of what’s ahead?” It’s easy to see how sorrow or failure can steal our hope, but I’ve never considered the opposite. It reminds me of how we appreciate nature’s changing seasons more when they are markedly different. =)

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