True Torture

The San Francisco Giants have been known for being a team of torture for their fans, but I would have to say true torture is when your dad’s team, the Detroit Tigers, and your husband’s team, the SF Giants, are playing each other in the World Series—just as they are this year.

Growing up in Michigan, I have many fond memories of my grandfather and father cheering on the Tigers with enthusiasm. One exceptionally memorable father/daughter outing was traveling from Grand Rapids to Tiger Stadium to see a game. It happened to be the year that Cecil Fielder was going for his 50th home run of the season. My dad and I had fantastic seats along the 3rd base line, and we cheered Cecil on until the moment that he swung, missed, and lost grip of his bat. It seemed as though the wooden beam was in slow motion as it flew horizontally end over end toward the crowd. Before I realized what was happening my dad grabbed my shoulder and pushed by head down under the protection of his arm and chest. The bat banged against my dad’s arm and my hip and bounced nine rows in front of us. Cecil Fielder did not reach his goal that game, but we walked away unharmed with a moment we would never forget.

About 15 years later, living in Colorado Springs, I found myself accepting an invitation to a Colorado Rockies vs. San Francisco Giants game at Coors Field. It turned out to be another incredible baseball experience—the best first date of my life. The following year I married the wonderful man that invited me, and we wed in Michigan with our families in attendance. For our rehearsal dinner, a very creative friend catered the party and played upon the baseball theme with “Team Melinda” (Tigers) and “Team Dennis” (Giants) apparel, food, and décor. Baseball quickly became a common ground for our families and the bond has only increased as Dennis and my dad cheered on their teams.

In 2010 we moved back to my husband’s home state of California and we were excited to see the Giants win the World Series that year. We never would have guessed they would be back in it only two years later, let alone playing the Detroit Tigers.

So now the question is—will I be the wife or the daughter of the winning team? Our emotions in the waiting? True torture.

2 replies to “True Torture

    1. Great post! I still say, when in Rome… But should you happen to be in Michigan and cheer for the Tigers, we’ll give you a pass:)

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