Aletheia Sisters

Aletheia [ah-lay-thee-uh]

the state of not being hidden; truth as a personal excellence

Beginning with the end in mind. It is a concept I attempt to put into practice in most areas of my life, but in this situation I absolutely did not. In fact, I found myself fighting the urge to call and cancel each time we planned to meet, but something deep within urged to keep my word. The Lord was speaking to me about honoring commitments and thankfully I was listening.  He was showing me what He had in mind for the three of us, regardless if I was being intentional.

The early details are fuzzy, but there was one thing that stood out to me very clearly—the Godly character of the two beautiful woman before me.  Without even really knowing them I knew they were women of integrity.  They loved our God and they wanted to live whole-heartedly for Him, and their sincerity was evident.

A year or two prior I had met Shiloh through a mutual friend and only heard wonderful things. She had such a sweet spirit about her, but while our paths crossed more frequently I still only knew her from a distance. On the contrary, shortly after meeting Nash we quickly realized the cry of our hearts were very similar and without knowing me that well she bravely extended an invitation to join her in serving the orphans of Burma. Upon our return, the Lord began speaking to Nash about bringing the three of us together on a regular basis.

Our initial meetings were crucial in our relationship and trust building, and each time I walked away feeling more energized and encouraged than I ever expected. Although there was still hesitation on my part, I knew the Lord was gifting me with something quite rare and special. After answering some deeper questions and setting some prayer points for our trio we began to allow a greater level of vulnerability to surface, which brought us to the conclusion that a more private setting and a more regular meeting time was needed.

At this point, I knew that the Lord was entrusting us with something I had not fully experienced before and I was all in.  If we happened to skip a week it felt like an eternity had passed before the next. This was something my heart was seeking; I just didn’t realize it at the time.

When I first came to know the Lord a lot of my friendships were already established, but not necessarily fueled by the healthiest activities. As I floundered around trying to figure out the Christian way of life and maintain life as I knew it, it became very clear that some of my decisions were very conflicting.

Along the way my relationship with my roommate became awkward and strained as I began to grow closer to God and she began to confront me on issues I was not ready to defend. We tried to continue being friends for a while, but eventually I moved out and our friendship slowly faded away.

As God continued to speak to me about what He wanted for my lifestyle, similar things happened with other friends. Although I felt very alone, I knew it was best and prayed for new friends to cross my path. Only He knew what I was asking for and what He would give to me in return–deep friendships, sisters actually, that would be my armor bearers through life’s simplest treasures and greatest trials. I stand confident in doing all that I have in mind because I trust they are with me heart and soul (1 Samuel 14:7).

3 replies to “Aletheia Sisters

    1. Melinda,
      All I can say is Wow! God has blessed you beyond measure with a gift for words. It is truly evident God has great plans for you and how you can impact others. Love you, sister.

  1. Sister, I thank God everyday that you did not cancel and that you were and are so faithful. I have been blessed beyond measure to have you in my life. You have so many talents. I love being your sister.

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