He Refused

He smiled the day she was born and they called her Joy

He rejoiced as she played with innocence and laughter

He delighted in her heart, in her purity and in her love

He wept as her heart tore for her broken family and loss of security

He called out to her but she did not hear Him

He chased after her but she regarded His people as hypocritical

He pursued her attention and she sought those around her

He searched for her and found her giving in to sexual pressure at an early age

He beckoned for her but she was too entrenched in life to care

He longed for her heart as she turned her attention to the world, again and again

He tormented over every decision He knew was killing her emotionally

He wept longingly as she became financially spent and completely broken

She aimlessly ached for more and He agonized in her despair

Does she not hear Me calling her?

Does she not know the life I have for her?

Does she not know she can be restored?

Of course He knew the answer

Slowly and gently…

He restored my innocence, my purity, and my hope

He redeemed my fears, my insecurities, and my restlessness

He refused to stop loving me

He refused

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